How to Build Links With Content Marketing – 2020?15 min read

A marketing strategy that consists of creating useful content, publishing them and distributing it among the target audience by following a particular plan of action is what can be said as content marketing. It is basically a method to promote your content in the market in order to increase your business or startup.

While promoting the content it is as important as to get endorsed on other sites. That is where the part ‘Link Building’ starts. Content marketing and link building are correlated in most of the aspects as both come under the SEO strategies.

Importance of Link Building?

Link building is just an easy way to make your article reach a greater audience. It is a process of getting links from verified sources or from the blogs which are already well known among the users. Link building has a number of benefits which includes:

  • It increases the visibility of your article in the Google search results.
  • Link building gives a green signal to Google that the article is a quality resource worthy of mentioning it in the search result.
  • If you can link with quality links, it will become a more admirable content and will automatically become a validated content.

Why link building is difficult?

The competition is quite high when it comes to link building. And thus one needs to use the right technique and must also invest a notable amount of time for making a place in the top search engines. While some enjoy the complete link building process a lot, the other half finds are quite boring and frustrating.

However, conducting vigorous research and find a quality site will ease the pain for quite some time.

Even though you need to think and rethink endlessly until you find out new ideas, engage that span in finding out all the small details about your writing genre, needs of the market, and the condition of the industry.

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Investing time and effort will start paying off once you start getting the views.

The success rate may be quite slow at the start, but you just need to have good contacts and quality links as you need to stay in touch with a large group of people to achieve a position in this domain.

Find out what all you need to build a successful building relationship, take help from the experts if needed as you really cannot increase the links without the cooperation of the other people.

Importance of link building strategies:

Link building is one of the most important parts when you are done with publishing and promoting the content.

Get in touch with the owners of the links with whom you are thinking to collaborate or use any of the link building strategies as it is the most effective way to get the maximum attention of the target audience.

If you can get hold of someone who already owns a number of popular links, it will become a bit easier for you to promote your article. You just need to maintain a high quality of your content and must represent all the info neatly along with relevant images, GIFs, Statistics, etc.

It will take quite some time to make a notable place among the search results of Google, but it will soon start to pay and by that time you will get in touch with more like-minded people who would have helped you to link your article.

The more the number of links, the more valuable your site will have to other people. And it can simply be said that you will end up getting higher rank as soon as you link it with quality backlinks.

Link Building Strategies:

There are a number of link building strategies which are given below:

  • Evaluation of the value of a particular link: The value of a link may vary from person to person. Thus on the basis of the genre, on which your content is based, you need to find out related links. There are a number of things to understand when you are evaluating the value of a link. There are a variety of steps to evaluate a link. You need to follow all of it before placing the link on a particular site.

  • Use guest blogging: This method is being used to get links for years. And it is still one of the most preferable link building strategies. Find an ample number of blogs for the genre your content belongs to. Get in touch with both the popular and the less known ones. Opt for accepting the help from the less popular ones too as slow progress is still progress and it is still far better than to not getting any sites to link your content.

  • Employ infographics: Include as many images and GIFs you can and do the same for infographics too. It is one of the most prominent ways for link building. In social networking sites, infographics are shared a lot more times than any other platform. So use this opportunity to the fullest and make your content a bit more popular.
  • Build links from dead links: Find out dead links in popular websites, contact the owner and then offer your content for replacing that dead link. Behave as politely as you can and publish your quality content and help him to remove the dead link as in the end, it will be beneficial for both of you.
  • Make video content: In the present time, videos are helping content to gain popularity quite fast than the ones which are just stuffed with words and words and more words. So just incorporate some videos relevant to your topic and build links accordingly.

Source: Cdn.searchenginejournal

  • Collaboration with other creators: You can always choose to make partnerships with people or bloggers who can help you out in building links. Maybe it will end up being beneficial for both sides. You can link content for the creator and he will do the same for you and both of you can work together in this way.

How to build links with content marketing:

At this point, you understand what link building is, its benefits, and most importantly the strategies for link building. Apart from these three factors, you also need to know the procedure of link building.

As link building is an important part of content marketing and it is an easy as well as an effective way to establish your content, we have summed up some essential aspects of the process. Check out the following to know:

●     Select a suitable format:

There are four most useful types of content format which include Long-form, GIF, Interactive and Statics format. The main work is to select the right format from these four types.

On the basis of the topic of your content, go through the below-mentioned statistics which clearly shows which format is the most efficient one in link buildings.

Source: kreativeprofessional

According to this graph, interactive content has the highest coverage and links than the other types. But let’s just dig in a bit deeper and understand each of them one after another and then decide which one is going to suit your content the most.

Source: curata

  1. Long-form: Most of the companies think that long-form contents do not attract a large group of an audience because of its bulky appearance. Even when these contents do not look so alluring but they do include an immense amount of information. They come with all the pros and cons of a specific topic along with multiple perspectives. And thus the audience who are willing to get all the information in a single article will obviously opt for long-form content in place of the other types.
  2. GIF: This generation is obsessed with GIFs as nothing can explain a situation or topic in short like the way a GIF does. Obviously, videos are a major competitor of GIFs but why would someone watch a video of 2-3 minutes when you can get the gist of the content just by a GIF of 7-8 seconds? The GIFs are ruling all over the internet right now and content stuffed with appropriate GIFs can attract more audiences than the ones with irrelevant and unnecessary information and thus can increase the links easily.

Source: Blog.drumup

These contents engage the maximum audience as it is designed with the purpose of getting more attention from the users. It typically consists of certain tests related to the topic, quizzes and questionnaires that provoke the audience to take action.

Thus these content end up gaining more views and make needed links by captivating the attention of the users. You just need to design it neatly and keep it simple in order to get noticed.

  1. Statics: The contents which incorporate relevant images, graphs, and infographics and offer useful information in a simpler form can be termed as a static format content. These articles are mostly straightforward and striking in appearance and that is what makes them increase the links. But mostly the content marketers end up making the statics content look clumsy with the inclusion of too much redundant information and it is the only drawback that holds these contents from gaining more views. However, if you prepare it with the assistance of a designer, these articles will end up to gain maximum attention with less effort.

●     Find out a solution that works:

Once you are done with deciding the format, work upon the topic you want to write. The topic of your article and the format should be interrelated with each other and you need to decide both of them accordingly.

Deciding the topic is the main work where you need to put in your maximum effort. Think of all the possibilities and then decide the topic accordingly. Think about the side topics and core points you want to incorporate and then start executing it.

Do not start your article randomly. The introduction matters the most as that is what your audience would read at first and will decide whether the article is going to be useful to them or not.

Make it a point to construct it in such a way so that you can maintain a proper standard of writing. Before working on your article, research and find out who is your target audience and what are their needs, jot down the points of how your article can help them to sort out their requirements.

Prepare a proper outline before starting with your content. That’s all you need to take care of in order to attract the audience and if you can succeed in fulfilling their demands, your article will start building links automatically.

●     Create awesome content

Build the content suitably as everything is going to depend upon it, staring from getting maximum views to building links with the popular ones through content marketing.

Target a particular level and research as much as needed before starting with it. Do not start writing until you feel confident about all the resources you are having.

Take care of the grammatical errors and try to maintain a standard but do not write in complicated English. The simpler the article is, the more audience it will attract.

Source: brafton

Find out all the necessary points which you can incorporate in it but at the same time do not make the mistake of putting in irrelevant information which will make you lose quite some viewers of yours.

And thus, create your content accordingly including appropriate examples, images, suggestions or tips, videos, GIFs, tutorials, necessary methods, steps or statistics and surveys and whatever more you find relevant to the topic.

Design the content in such a way so that it becomes visually appealing and engaging at the same point. Make it look unique and clean and fill it with your extraordinary ideas and words.

●     Publish up-to-date content:

When you are conducting your research before starting the article, make sure to find out all the current statistics, existing trends, and also the present needs or demands of the user. This is an extremely important part to take care of.

The details should be the most recent ones and check and recheck it as many times as required before publishing it online. Incorporate the newest trends and tools and explain the recent problems or controversies related to your topic.

Incorporate the information and suggestions which are valid at the modern dates. If required, read as many articles as you can and understand the needs of publishing a fresh article. Read the popular articles and see each and every different detail they used to make their content look complete.

Generating high-quality content is extremely necessary and for that up-to-date information is the much-needed part to take care of, as a checked and optimized article will find itself a place among the top articles of the search results.

●     Give efforts in promoting content:

After publishing the article, your next step is to promote it in all your profiles starting from social networking sites including all. Your main aim is to get as many views as possible. And for that, you need to get in touch with the people who publish daily in popular sites.

Take suggestions and necessary tips from them and improve your article accordingly. Share it everywhere and lookout for people who are interested in reading and sharing content.

Source: Ugettraffic

Obviously, it is not at all an easy job to search individuals but a number of apps are available online and you can always take the help of any of them like Outbrain, Reddit Ads, etc.

Also, Facebook does allow you to promote your content on the basis of all types of criteria which includes location, demographics or specific interest categories. And if you are well aware of who your viewers can be, you can promote your content accordingly.

You can also join platforms like Quora and suggest people view your content who have questions related to the topic upon which your content is written.

Join the groups in different social media including the Facebook groups and the LinkedIn groups as it offers a large number of opportunities to get in touch with your target viewers.

These groups are extremely beneficial for both the people, i.e., the ones who are looking for resources for a particular niche and for the ones who are a part of the group to promote their content from that same niche.

●     Use the link building strategies:

There are a number of link building strategies and utilizing them is important for getting more reach. Choose wisely or rather you will have to use as many as you can, cause the more you increase the links, the more significance your content will have.

A good number of links is the only way how Google will show it in the search results amidst all the other popular links. Get in touch with influencers or bloggers and make the required partnerships. Dive deeper and find dead links on well-known websites.

Contact the webmaster and offer your work as respectfully as you can. Help him to replace that dead link with your content as it will be beneficial in either of the ways.

Source: dotcominfoway

Post your article on Facebook or LinkedIn groups and get in touch with the people who can help you to build links that may be on their own website.

There are a lot more other useful strategies which might let you build in some really strong links with a bit of effort. Opt for Guest blogging, or use infographics, do whatever you can and build as many links as possible as the more the merrier.

●     Use all of these steps together:

Finally, implement all the steps properly one after another and use all your tactics and put in as much effort as you can to produce high-quality content. If your content is both visually captivating and well-written, it will be more acceptable by the webmasters.

Make it a point to serve as many needs as you can of your target audience and try your best to get in touch with a good number of contacts. See YouTube videos, work upon your skills and research until you feel that you have all the necessary points ready in your head.

Source: bigoakinc

Write the content and design it in a way so that you can include all the details properly without making it look clumsy. Publish your content once you are done and promote it from all your social networking accounts.

You can also schedule to share it once after a short period as all the audience won’t really view the article when you share it for the first time. Finally follow the link building strategies and get in touch with all the individuals who can help you to build links to popular websites.


There are so many articles available all over the internet about the procedure of link building. See how they are representing the content, how they are reaching the target audience and every other detail.

Before deciding the topic for your content, look for people who are interested in the genre which you want to write for. Understand what all things they are looking for and why they are not getting it in a single content.

Talk with people, over social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora wherever you can. Interact with people to understand their demands, interact to increase your contacts. The more the contacts you make, the easier it will become for you to build links with content marketing.

Find new ideas to build your content, make it unique and of utmost quality as it is the only way to get the attention of the viewers. Reach out to people who have already a hold upon a number of popular links. Make them read your content and see how they help you to link your content to other popular links too.